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Supports .NET 2.0 - 4.7, Windows Forms, Xamarin.Mac, ASP.NET, Mono, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Store, Xamarin iOS and Android, Portable Class Library, Universal Windows Platform, .NET Core and .NET Standard

Cross-platform PDF development

Per developer licensing with royalty free distribution

License starts at US$299


I just wanted to let you know that I think you have a great product. I've found your product very easy to use, which led me to purchase your cross-platform edition even though I already owned a competing .net PDF library.

the author of TouchDraw

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  December 20, 2017 - XFINIUM.PDF 7.1.0 Release
  + Add/remove pages in the PDF viewer controls
+ Added capability to create a PDF action from the corresponding cos dictionary
+ Added support to control the baseline of first digit in EAN barcodes
- PDF documents are not converted correctly to multipage TIFF when they contain color graphics - fixed
- PdfVisualDocument.Close method does not clear the viewer of visual content - fixed
- iOS - PdfCoreView control crashes when it is instantiated from code using the parameterless constructor - fixed
- Text using a cmap based encoding is not rendered correctly - fixed
- A zero height clip path throws an exception with the GDI renderer - fixed
  November 7, 2017 - XFINIUM.PDF 7.0.0 Release
  + PDF viewer controls for Windows Forms, Mac, WPF, UWP, iOS and Android
+ Support for .NET Standard 1.0 and higher for maximum platform compatibility
+ Custom page numbers in table of contents (in flow documents)
+ Search text across text lines boundaries
- Some PDF files cannot be loaded - fixed
- Width for the character with id 0 is not retrieved correctly - fixed
- Checkbox state was not correctly determined when its value included spaces - fixed
- Glyph corners are not computed for extracted text fragments that use Type3 fonts - fixed
- Text cannot be extracted when the /Widths array is missing from the corresponding font - fixed
- Table height is computed incorrectly when it has a header and it appears at the end of the page - fixed
- File attachment and text annotations cannot be added to flow documents - fixed
- Middle aligned text appears lower for some fonts - fixed
- Invalid numbers (very large) are not saved correctly and the PDF file becomes invalid - fixed
- Textbox fields do not display the correct text when the field value contains characters not included in the field font's encoding - fixed
- PDF files are not merged correctly when graphic resources are not defined at page level - fixed
- Long words do not wrap in multiline text fields - fixed
- Field value cannot contain Unicode characters if the field font is also TrueType Unicode - fixed
- Some composite glyphs are not rendered correctly - fixed
- Available space is not computed corectly for last visible row in a table with header at page bottom - fixed
- /F key is not read for Launch actions when it is included in the /Win dictionary - fixed
- Vertical text is not rendered correctly - fixed
- Center aligned fields with multiple widgets appear left aligned after being filled - fixed
- Page cannot be converted to image when using PdfRgbByteRenderingSurface class - fixed
- PdfXLTiffImage class displays always only the first frame in the image - fixed
- Graphic path is not rendered correctly - fixed
- Some inline images cannot be decoded - fixed
  July 21, 2017 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.9.0 Release
  + Text and words extraction from user defined page areas
+ Selective page content rendering (turn on/off vector graphics, text, images, annotations and form fields) (PRO)
+ Xamarin.Forms samples
+ Support to set explicitly the font used for field appearance
+ Exception is thrown is TIFF image uses an unsupported compression mode
+ PdfCosStream.DecodedStream property is now visible
+ PdfCosDictionaryContainer.OriginalObjectNumber property is now public
- Some damaged PDF files cannot be loaded - fixed
- PDF document encrypted with AES256 cannot be loaded - fixed
- PDF/A-3 file with form fields cannot be resaved as PDF/A-3 - fixed
- When existing PDF/A-3 file is re-saved, the custom metadata is lost - fixed
- Documents with CMYK colors and RGB output profile (or viceversa) cannot be saved as PDF/A - fixed
- Extended ASCII characters are not displayed correctly in the form fields - fixed (PRO)
- Non-embedded Type1 fonts are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Image rotated using EXIF tag are not drawn correctly when using scaling based on image aspect ratio - fixed
- Flow document layout enters in endless loop in some scenarios - fixed
  May 30, 2017 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.8.0 Release
  + Convert extra large TIFF images (GBs) to PDF
+ Font substitution (PRO)
+ Improved memory usage when rendering PDF page that include many images (PRO)
+ Added support for extracting COS objects from the PDF file based on object number
- Some AES encrypted PDF files cannot be loaded - fixed
- Document cannot be encrypted if it contains null cos strings - fixed
- Text cannot be extracted from some PDF files - fixed
- CJK form field content cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
  April 24, 2017 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.7.1 Release
  + DataMatrix ASCII encoding updated to use 1 byte per pair of digits
- Some PDF pages cannot be rendered at 150 dpi or higher - fixed (PRO)
- Pages cannot be extracted from some PDF files - fixed
- Stroked path in form XObjects inherits some properties from the previous stroked path in page content when the pen used default values for those properties - fixed
- Some TIFF images are not decoded correctly - fixed
- When merging files using PdfFixedDocument.AppendFile method the output file is very large - fixed
  March 14, 2017 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.7.0 Release
  + Superscript and subscript text in formatted content and flow documents
+ Form XObject flow content
+ Annotation flow content
+ Extra large JPEG images
- Some inline images are skipped from decoding - fixed (PRO)
- Some Type1 fonts are not displayed - fixed (PRO)
- Formatted content object does not keep the line spacing when it is split - fixed
- A StackOverflowException is generated in some situations when working with tables in flow documents - fixed
- Pages that contain destinations with invalid page numbers cannot be merged - fixed
- Pages cannot be removed from the document when the page collection is structured internally as a tree - fixed
- Unicode URIs are not extracted correctly - fixed
- Extracted pages that share an optional content group cannot be inserted in a PdfFixedDocument - fixed
- Extended ASCII characters in range 128 - 160 are not displayed in the PDF file with Ansi TrueType fonts - fixed
- In some situations a reused PdfFormattedContent object displays the same text even if some inner blocks have been changed - fixed
  January 11, 2017 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.6.0 Release
  + PDF/A-2 B/U support
+ PDF/A-3 B/U support
- Pages with shadings that have backgrounds cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Some characters are not displayed correctly when filling form fields that use MacRoman encoded fonts - fixed
- Visual objects cannot be extracted from a page that contains text stroked/filled with patterns - fixed
  November 24, 2016 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.5.0 Release
  + Document headers and footers
+ Table headers
- Clip masks created from text outlines are ignored - fixed (PRO)
- Some characters are not displayed - fixed (PRO)
- Pages with zero width shading patterns are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- First digit is not placed correctly when PdfBarcodeTextPosition.BottomEmbedded value is used for EAN13 barcode text position - fixed
- JPEG images with RightTop EXIF rotation are not drawn correctly on the page - fixed
- RGB, CMYK and Gray page transforms do not work on pages with patterns - fixed
- AES encrypted files with damaged padded blocks cannot be loaded - fixed
- Row height is not computed correctly for some cell spans - fixed
  October 11, 2016 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.4.0 Release
  + Support for external graphic engines (GDI+, Skia, Win2D, CoreGraphics) when rendering PDF files
+ Full support for rich media annotations
- Some CFF fonts are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Content is missing when composite cell is split - fixed
- Some encrypted PDF files cannot be decrypted - fixed
- Formatted content cannot be wrapped when a textblock has null text
- Form XObjects are removed from the page when redaction is applied - fixed
- RowSpan and ColSpan properties are not copied when a cell is copied - fixed
- .NET Core - XMP Metadata is not saved - fixed
- .NET Core - Optional content proerties dictionary not built properly - fixed
  August 9, 2016 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.3.1 Release
  + Added PdfFile.ExtractPageInfo method
- When formatted content includes lines with different heights, the content is not laid out correctly - fixed
- Explicit cell bottom border is not displayed for cells that are split - fixed
- Textbox height is not computed correctly when using Roboto font - fixed
- PDF document cannot be generated when negative heights are computed for flow content objects - fixed
- Documents with invalid appearance definition for form fields cannot be flattened - fixed
- Text is truncated when using middle vertical alignment in a textbox and text height = textbox height - fixed
- Formatted content is not split correctly in some situations - fixed
- Some content elements are missing when flow document is rendered - fixed
- Flow documents cannot be generated in some situations - fixed
- Null reference exception is thrown when CIDFontType2 font does not include a /W array - fixed
  July 7, 2016 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.3.0 Release
  + .NET Core support
+ Extracted images preserve transparency when they are saved as PNG if the source image has a soft mask
+ Extraction of embedded font data for text fragments
- CFF fonts with CIDToGID map are not displayed correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Some Type1 fonts are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Double quotes are not rendered correctly with CFF Winansi encoded fonts - fixed (PRO)
- Images with chroma key mask are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Images with chroma key mask are not extracted correctly - fixed
- Fill and stroke alpha are not loaded when extracting visual objects from a PDF file - fixed
- TransformedFontSize is not computed correctly for rotated text fragments - fixed
- Bates numbers are not properly removed from some documents - fixed
- Some indexed images are not converted correctly to gray when the page is processed through a ConvertToGray transform - fixed
- Text is not laid out correctly in a box with some fonts - fixed
- Font resources are lost when saving PDF forms that define resources only at form level - fixed
  June 9, 2016 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.2.0 Release
  + Automatic generation of table of contents in flow documents
+ Added support for converting colors to RGB
+ Added support for stroke/fill alpha in extracted visual objects
- PCL - Page with non-embedded CJK font cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Case insensitive search fails in some situations - fixed
- Multiline text cannot be drawn with a TrueType font created from another TrueType font object - fixed
- Some portfolio items cannot be extracted - fixed
- New content cannot be added to a page after its content has been processed through a page transform - fixed
- Dash pattern is not loaded for paths when extracting visual objects from a PDF file - fixed
- Text is not extracted correctly from some PDF files - fixed
- Pen and Brush are not loaded for text fragments created with TJ operator when extracting visual objects from a PDF file - fixed
  May 5, 2016 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.1.0 Release
  + Add destinations to flow content objects
+ Add outlines to flow documents
+ Add file attachments to flow documents
+ Add actions to flow documents
- Text using UniGB-UTF16-H and UniJIS-UTF16-H encodings cannot be displayed - fixed (PRO)
- Text using GBK-EUK-H encoding cannot be displayed - fixed (PRO)
- Non-embedded TrueType fonts are rendered using default Arial face - fixed (PRO)
- Non-embedded TrueType fonts are not rendered in PCL assembly - fixed (PRO)
- Indexed images with base separation colorspace are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Non-embedded TrueType fonts with Winansi encoding with differences are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Some fonts with cmap based encoding cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Page cannot be rendered when length of /DecodeParms and /Filter array is different for an image - fixed (PRO)
- Some pages cannot be rendered in gray or B/W - fixed (PRO)
- Unicode text cannot be set on a field with Helvetica font - fixed
- Flow document cannot be created when an image only row is split across pages - fixed
  March 30, 2016 - XFINIUM.PDF 6.0.0 Release
  + Create PDF documents in flow layout modes with formatted text, images and tables
+ Extraction of page content as a list of content stream operators
+ Rendering of softmask objects - PRO
- Page cannot be rendered because file is damaged, /Length entry for image object is null - fixed (PRO)
- Page cannot be rendered because glyph code cannot be computed - fixed (PRO)
- Closing parantheses is not rendered correctly for some fonts - fixed (PRO)
- Certain Type3 fonts are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Clip and blend operations are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Blend modes combined with transparency groups are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Pages with DeviceN images cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Images with ICC colorspace that uses another ICC colorspace as alternate cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Text using UniGB-UCS2-H and UniJIS-UCS2-H encodings cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- PdfFile.GetEncryptionAlgorithm returns Unknown for unencrypted files - fixed
- Documents with invalid page labels array cannot be loaded - fixed
- In some situations the text position is not extracted correctly - fixed
- Page is not converted corectly to gray, some images show an error after conversion - fixed
- Owner key is not computed correctly when the owner password is null - fixed
- Invalid documents are generated if the same PdfFixedDocument is saved multiple times in a loop - fixed
- Text cannot be extracted when font resources are PDF null - fixed
- Document cannot be loaded when /Pages array contains a PDF null object - fixed
- Extracted content is not saved correctly if name objects include '%' - fixed
- Indexed PNG images with transparency information are not decoded correctly - fixed
- A PdfVisualImage object cannot be saved multiple times - fixed
- SVG path is not rendered in PDF when points contain more than 10 digits after comma - fixed
- Some embedded images are not decoded correctly - fixed
- Page property is not set for link annotations with Destination property - fixed
- Image is not set for PdfDisplayImageXObjectOperator objects when running page transforms - fixed
  October 29, 2015 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.5.0 Release
  + Extraction of page text as separate words
+ Enhanced encryption API with support for testing if a file is encrypted, retrieval of encryption method, validation of user and owner password
- Pages with invalid tokens in content stream cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Some text with CFF font is rendered flipped on horizontal - fixed (PRO)
- Some CFF fonts are rendered double in size - fixed (PRO)
- Text painted with a pattern cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- When 2 or more paths are filled with the same pattern and the pattern is not set explicitly for each path, only the first path is visible - fixed (PRO)
- Text using Type1 fonts with OpenType data and CFF outlines is not rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Some documents return incorrect page count - fixed
- An exception is thrown when some documents are merged - fixed
- Some optional content groups are not extracted correctly - fixed
- For some files the page size is not read correctly from PDF file - fixed
- Page content cannot be extracted when page boxes are not defined on the page - fixed
- AES 256 encrypted PDF files cannot be loaded when using the PCL assembly - fixed
- When merging documents with attachments in some situations the attachments in the merged document cannot be opened - fixed
- Some OCGs are no longer visible after loading and saving a file from a PdfFixedDocument object
- When a document with OCGs is appended to another document, the OCGs do not appear in the OCG display tree in the final document - fixed
- PDF forms that contain comboboxes with empty items cannot be loaded - fixed
- An error appears in Adobe Reader when drawing on an existing page where the existing page content sets the current colorspace to RGB (or anything else than Gray) and the color used for the new drawing is Gray - fixed.
- Rich media annotations cannot be created - fixed
  September 2, 2015 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.4.1 Release
  + Extraction of form XObject and shading objects in the list of visual objects
+ Extraction of visual objects as a flat list or as a tree
- Some TrueType fonts are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- 2bpp gray images are not displayed - fixed (PRO)
- Very thin lines are rendered almost invisible at high dpi - fixed (PRO)
- Text is rendered too large with some CFF fonts - fixed (PRO)
- Outline destination is not updated correctly when files are merged - fixed
- Link destination is not updated correctly when files are merged - fixed
- Pattern colors are not extracted correctly for visual objects - fixed
- Redaction is not applied correctly in some situations, position of underlying text is not computed properly - fixed
- Some JBIG2 images are not decoded correctly - fixed
- Merging of PDF files that contain outlines with goto actions throws an exception - fixed
  July 30, 2015 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.4.0 Release
  + Rendering of PDF blend modes (PRO)
+ Enhanced optional content API
+ Support for Universal Windows Platform
- Optional content cannot be extracted from pages with structured content - fixed
- Some LZW compressed content cannot be decompressed correctly - fixed
- Postscript code with 'if' instructions is not executed correctly - fixed
- Some AES encrypted PDF files cannot be loaded - fixed
- Sample function is not computed correctly - fixed
- Some TIFF images are not decoded correctly - fixed
- Font with 90ms-RKSJ-V encoding cannot be loaded for rendering - fixed (PRO)
- PCL: Non-embedded TrueType fonts that cannot be matched to PDF standard fonts cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Some Type3 fonts cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Invalid entry in /Differences array causes exception - fixed (PRO)
- Inconsistent /Widths array length causes exception - fixed (PRO)
  June 18, 2015 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.3.1 Release
  + Rendering of transparency groups (PRO)
+ Support to extract all assets for a rich media annotation
- Visual objects cannot be extracted - fixed
- Formatted content cannot be drawn on the page when the first line of a paragraph contains a word that is wider than available width - fixed
- Parallel loading of PdfFixedDocument objects fails - fixed
- PDF files with invalid xref start object number cannot be loaded - fixed
- PDF files that contain invalid dictionary entries (keys without a name) cannot be loaded - fixed
- Page cannot be rendered when content stream operands are split across content stream objects - fixed (PRO)
- JBIG2 image cannot be decoded - fixed (PRO)
- Images with gray ICC colorspace are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- 1bpp and 4bpp Indexed images with gray colorspace cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Text with CFF cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Font with 90ms-RKSJ-H encoding cannot be loaded for rendering - fixed (PRO)
- In some situations, pages with multiple content streams cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Images scaled to 0px cannot be rendered - fixed (PRO)
- Page cannot be rendered when font does not exist in the resources - fixed (PRO)
  April 9, 2015 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.3.0 Release
  + SVG to PDF conversion
+ Transparency groups
- In some situations text position is not extracted correctly - fixed
  February 20, 2015 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.2.0 Release
  + Support for creating and drawing text using Type3 fonts
+ Support for rendering text that uses Type3 fonts (PRO)
- Page viewport, measure and coordinate system are not loaded - fixed
- GeographicPoints in PdfGeospatialMeasure are extracted and stored in reversed order - fixed
  January 15, 2015 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.1.1 Release
  + Support for Unified API in Xamarin.iOS
- PdfPngImage class does not decode correctly PNG images - fixed
- Optional content group cannot be extracted from PDF file - fixed
- In some situations words composed of multiple formatted blocks are split in mid-word - fixed
- Some JBIG2 images are not decoded correctly - fixed
- /Times#20New#20Roman font is not mapped correctly to /Times-Roman on platforms that do not support access to local fonts - fixed (PRO)
  November 11, 2014 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.1.0 Release
  + PDF to multipage TIFF (color, grayscale, B&W) with support for multiple binarization filters (PRO)
+ RGB, BGR, Grayscale and B&W rendering surfaces (PRO)
+ Added PdfDisplayImageXObjectOperator.Image property
+ Added PdfSetShadingOperator.Shading property
+ Added support for EXIF Orientation tag in JPEG photos
- Dictionary keys that include spaces are not saved correctly - fixed
- In some scenarios the pages of a PDF form cannot be extracted from the source file - fixed
- In some situations pages are not extracted correctly - fixed
- Some Postscript functions (Type4) are not calculated correctly - fixed
- Optional content trees that include label only nodes cannot be loaded - fixed
- Fonts are not saved in page by page save mode if they are attached to a form XObject - fixed
- Extracted images with /Decode array are not saved correctly - fixed
- Some Type1 fonts are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- Checkboxes with Unicode export values cannot be checked - fixed
- Inline images are not rendered correctly - fixed (PRO)
- JBIG2 images with embedded text regions are not extracted correctly - fixed
  October 1, 2014 - XFINIUM.PDF 5.0.0 Release
  + 2 editions of XFINIUM.PDF library: Standard and Professional
+ PDF rendering capabilities in Professional Edition
- Empty paragraphs (no blocks) in formatted content throw an exception at wrap time - fixed
- Autosized textbox fields cannot be filled with CJK text - fixed
- FDF data cannot be imported in a PDF form - fixed
- Partial saving does not work correctly when using Unicode TrueType fonts - fixed
- Only the first page is included in the document /Pages tree when saving in partial mode - fixed
- Named destinations are not embedded correctly in some scenarios - fixed
- Extracted images with /Decode array are not saved correctly - fixed
- 16bit grayscale PNG images with alpha channel are not embedded correctly - fixed
- Some fields with Type0 fonts are not filled correctly - fixed
- Saved images are not discarded in partial save mode - fixed
- PdfCmykColor is not written correctly in the page content stream - fixed
  May 28, 2014 - XFINIUM.PDF 4.4.0 Release
  + Formatted content (paragraphs, text blocks, styled text, links inside text, bullet lists)
+ Added PdfStringLayoutOptions.LineSpacingAdjustment property
+ Added PdfFile.ExtractDocumentInformation() method
- Interlaced PNG images are not decoded correctly - fixed
- Documents with incremental updates cannot be loaded - fixed
  March 14, 2014 - XFINIUM.PDF 4.3.0 Release
  + Redaction annotations
+ Text and image redaction
  January 30, 2014 - XFINIUM.PDF 4.2.0 Release
  + CAD measurements
+ Geospatial PDF files
  December 13, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 4.1.0 Release
  + Low level PDF graphics.
- Position of extracted text is not correct for some PDF files - fixed
- Some PDF files cannot be loaded - fixed
  October 31, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 4.0.0 Release
  + XFINIUM.PDF library compiled as a Portable Class Library.
  September 30, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.7.0 Release
  + PDF patterns, including colored and uncolored tiling patterns and shading patterns.
+ Added TransformedFontSize property in PdfTextFragment class
- Some PDF files that contain named destinations cannot be loaded - fixed
- Polygon and polyline annotations in a PDF file are loaded as generic annotations - fixed
  August 27, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.6.0 Release
  + Search text in PDF pages with support for regular search, case sensitive search, whole word search and regular expression search
  July 25, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.5.0 Release
  + QR barcodes
- Pages are not created correctly if they extracted multiple times from the same PdfFile - fixed
  June 21, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.4.0 Release
  + Extract page content as a collection of paths, text and image objects
+ Extract optional content groups as vector drawings
- Pages cannot be added to some documents - fixed
  May 23, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.3.0 Release
  + Added support for creating PDF/A-1B files
+ Sound annotations
+ Added PdfTextFragment.StrokeColor and PdfTextFragment.FillColor properties
+ Improved text extraction
+ Updated the math formula for better approximation of rounded rectangle corners
  April 25, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.2.0 Release
  + Convert page content to RGB
+ Convert page content to CMYK
+ Convert page content to Grayscale
+ Convert images to Grayscale
+ Replace page images
+ Remove page images
  March 20, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.1.0 Release
  + AES 256 encryption with enhanced password validation (Acrobat X)
+ Add, remove and read Bates numbers
- In some situations documents are not updated correctly in incremental update mode - fixed
  March 1, 2013 - XFINIUM.PDF 3.0.0 Release
  XFINIUM.PDF 3.0.0 is now available. Redesigned from ground up, the XFINIUM.PDF library brings one common API for all .NET and Mono platforms.
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